I've been working on the new portfolio for a couple of weeks. I'm hoping to have it up soon. It's proven a difficult task for a couple of reasons. First, there's a lot of material to choose from so I have to be selective about what goes up. Second, how do I put all this up in a way that makes sense, looks good and attracts attention?

Getting there.

Also, I'm building a new web site for Hat Digital Media that I want to launch soon. It will be a bit more "dynamic" than the hold site. I'll let you know when it goes up - www.hatdigitalmedia.com

Speaking of web sites, I just finished Bob Beaver's official site for CDS Productions: www.cdsproductions.net. Let me (and him) know what you think! This is geared more towards the professional end of what Bob does. There's going to be a place for the anime parody stuff, though. We're working on that next. If you're interested in particpating in a parody dub, go to the web site and let Bob know.

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