I do everything by Post-it. They're the glue-backed-paper that holds my whole memory system together. The inventor was nothing short of a freaking genius. They should be commemorated by having their name inscribed on a Post-it and fired into space.

The only problem with Post-its is that they start to collect if you can't get to them right way. I use mine to track ideas for articles, remind me of something that's coming up in a month or two, that sort of thing. I also use them to remember phone numbers, changes on a web site that must be made and to remind me to write a quote for something. Whatever, I use them a lot.

Something I've found that has helped me revolutionize my Post-it frenzy is the DIGITAL Post-it!

I'm using Yahoo Widgets, which allows me to have a gaggle of useful programs running the background that I can pull up with a quick press of F8. One of the items I keep out on my desktop, though, is the digital Post-it. It lets me jot off a quick note to myself and stick it right where I'll have no choice but to see it. It's flexible because I can put a list of "to-do's" on them and delete them one at a time. So I get to see some progress! And everything gets kept nice and neat.

Highly recommended.

3M (the makers of Post-its) have their own Digital Post-It software, but they charge for it. So, of course, I'm going to keep using the widgets.

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