Admittedly it's been over a month since my last post. Not exactly a big draw for most blog enthusiasts. However... I have an observation to make.

I write a blog for the Houston Chronicle. That blog gets comments at least a few times a week. I write an entry for it every day. Now, you might say something to the effect of, "Kevin writes that blog every day and so he gets comments." Nay, nay! I write it every day BECAUSE I get comments.

So here's my question: What the heck do I have to do to promote a blog? How can I get people to start actually coming to this thing and making a comment?

I know people are doing this. I stumble across them all the time. Someone writes about her cat and ends up on CNN. So what the heck is the hold up here? I've been writing this particular blog for years. I've written my column in the form of a blog for ViewOnline since 1998! And yet any comments I get are few and far between.

So I'm on a quest. I want to find out how some of the bloggers scattered across the internet manage to get their pages in front of all those people. What promotional tools do they use? What personal discipline do they practice? Do they write every day, rain or shine (my research thus far says "yes"). Do they advertise? And how, exactly?

If anyone at all is reading this and has any suggestions, I throw myself at your mercy. I am but a humble (ok, not so humble) writer who wants to get more of his work in front of people. You, the elusive but much valued reading public, are my target audience. Help a brother out.

I'm looking to put together the definitive list for promoting a blog and/or web site. Send me any ideas, comments, observations, links or psychic impressions you have. In return, I'll send you this nifty No-prize that I got from Marvel Comics when I was a kid!

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