If you've been following along in the Adventures of Kevin you know that I write at least three blogs "regularly." There's this one which went over a month without be updated (but I've changed, I swear!). There's "ViewPoint" which is my weekly column for ViewOnline Magazine. And there's my blog for the Houston Chronicle, NewlyWed, which is updated every week day (honest). Well, over the weekend I was asked by fellow Dot.Commoner Jim Thompson if I'd like to take over his "Making Movies" blog.

I'm actually very excited about taking this on! I mean, sure, it's yet another freebie blog from which to spew the mindless drivel I call "my opinion." But really it's a good opportunity for me. I have the background and expertise for it, and I know plenty of people in the industry that I can call on as "guest contributors." Plus I know for a fact that a lot of people write Jim with comments and suggestions. He's good about using those in his blog.

So I've decided to accept the offer. I don't know the particulars yet about when this will start but I'm already thinking of a few ideas for the blog. And an upside to writin this thing is that it sort of helps establish me as an "expert" in the field.

I'll still have to write NewlyWed every day. And Making Movies is another daily to contend with. And what with me desperately seeking paid work at the moment life's little schedule book is filling up awfully fast. But I can do it. Takes some organization and dedication... two things I'm known to be lax about. But everyone has to grow up some time, right? My turn.

On the job front, I'm frantically looking. Gainful employment is the goal. Freelance work is great but it's slow to pay the bills at the moment. And I need something that can offer me money for trivial little things like food, shelter, automotive fuel, etc. Extra perks like insurance and paid vacations would be nice, too.

So here's hoping! Wish me luck, send me your prayers, dance naked under a full moon while sprinkling burnt sage on your body, whatever works for you.

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