The job hunt continues. I've put my resume in with hundreds of companies over the past couple of weeks. Strangely, even though these companies are advertising that they need help, I get NO responses. What's up with that?

I'll never understand the inner workings of the hiring process. I mean, I've been on the OTHER SIDE and I still don't understand it. Every time I ever had a hand in hiring someone I at least answered every e-mail or phone call that came in regarding the position. But I've applied to even small companies lately and haven't gotten so much as an e-mail in return. Why is that?

I'm very professional when I contact these companies. I give a little information about myself, my contact info, and some pleasant statement about looking forward to hearing from them. I'm honest and sincere. I only apply for jobs I'm qualified for and I never make any demands. But I'm not hearing back and I can't for the life of me figure out why.

It's very frustrating.

So the job hunt continues. Todd Hewey, my friend and the man who got me into the production business in the first place, is pulling for me to start working at Inspiration Network in North Carolina. I'm not opposed to the idea, though it would mean some huge changes in my life (and Kara's). It's difficult to move so far away from friends and family. But we'd manage. Unfortunately, INSP is on that list of folks who JUST AREN'T CALLING ME BACK!

I try not to be a pest but I also try to be diligent. I call or e-mail about once every 10 days to see how things are going. But so far I've yet to even get a response. Months have gone by since I was literally ASKED to send a resume and still nothing.

I know life is about patience and diligence. God has a plan for me and Kara and I just have to be diligent in faith, dedicated to doing whatever my part is, and patient enough to wait for the right time. So that's what I'm practicing. Surely, though, I can't be begrudged a little frustration that none of the jobs I've contacted are calling back at all. I guess I just see that as a little inconsiderate. Everyone's busy, I get it. I'm busy, too. I may be looking for a job but I STILL have freelance work to worry about. So yeah, I do understand that taking a moment to call and say, "We got your resume" can be a bother. But still... it'd just be polite.

Oh well. I've vented and now it's all peachy. Time for me to get back to the job boards.

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