I'm making dubs for Larry Taylor. These are all miniDV to DVD copies of presentations made by people taking a class overseas. They start with "My Passion," a personal look into their lives, and then move on to group projects that are repeated over a three-day period. The process of dubbing these from tape to DVD is easy... and maybe the most boring thing I've ever done.

Of course, that's not true. Depositions and hearings, THOSE are boring. In fact, anything where I'm basically just "documenting" is pretty dull. But hey, pays the bills. I'm getting paid per DVD on this current project, and it starts to add up when you get twenty or thirty DVDs at a time.

I think I could do this gig, if Larry ever needed me to fill in. I'd need to get my passport (been wanting to do that forever but never seem to get around to it), but other than that it looks like cake. Free trip overseas, free food, free hotel, and you basically sit and run a camera for a week. Heck, from what Larry tells me the camera and tape stock are even provided by the woman who owns the program!

But still... this kind of stuff is very boring.

Oh well, I'd take months of this kind of stuff as opposed to the periods of poverty we've had lately. Something about getting paid for the job makes it sit a lot easier!

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