Well, I'm about two-thirds of the way through my first official week of writing the "Making Movies" blog on the Chron web site. Here's what I've discovered.... it's a lot of work.

I'm having to walk a fine line between being "informative" and writing a dissertation and that's what's causing hte majority of my grief. Frankly, I LOVE this blog. It's exaclty the kind of thing I was hoping to get to eventually. But where I think I'm falling a bit short is that in trying to get a bit of information out about the world of production and how to make your home videos look better I lose the whole "humor" thing at times. And I'm afraid some of the posts will start to come off as a little boring.

So I've decided to mix it up a bit here and there. Stop focusing on the mechanics with every article and start looking at some quirky video-related stuff. But since I don't spend much time LOOKING for quirky video-related stuff I could use some help. If anyone out there comes across anything interesting, let me know. I'll even plug you in the blog.

I'll still do the whole "here's how you do it" bit, but I'd like to make this fun enough that people keep coming back to it over and over.


I have some more writing related news but I'm not sure if I can announce it just yet. Let's just utter the phrase "possible book deal" and leave it at that, shall we? What it comes down to is I've been contacted by a publisher about writing something. I'm in kind of an "audition" stage at the moment. So I can't divulge full details but I'd appreciate prayers, well-wishes and ancient Aztec magic from anyone willing to throw it my way!


I'm going to experiment with something I came across that may draw more traffic to the various web sites in my arsenal. One of these tools is Google Adwords. I haven't looked into it much yet but I'm told it may be useful for getting more visitors. What good is a writer without any readers? So I'll try these things out and see what happens.

Wish me luck!

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