We're on day three of no hot water here in Stately Tumlinson Manor. I don't usually mind apartment living - it fits with my lifestyle. But when it comes to taking cold showers every morning I start drawing lines. They form nice little pictures of me strangling the apartment manager.

Yesterday she gave me a tearful little story about having to shell out $200 of her own money to buy the part needed to fix whatever was wrong with the broiler. I was moved. But now I just want my freaking hot water back on! Sheesh, 3 DAYS?? I mean, two is bad enough but three in a row is just an insult.

It hasn't escaped our attention that any time the temperature drops by a couple of degrees outside our hot water goes out. Why is that, exactly? I had a theory that maybe there was a sudden increase in hot water usage and it caused the broiler to be over-worked. But that doesn't really seem to wash.

Pardon the pun.

Anyway, here we are. Shivering in the mornings and jumpin' mad by afternoon. I'll call once again to find out what the heck the deal is.

In other news, I met with the publisher of Indie Slate Magazine the other day. He wants to put me on a monthly retainer and have me do a bunch of work for him! Now I can get behind that. It's a good opportunity for me to get my name associated with a magazine and an industry that I love.

I also met with Cypress Christian School yesterday. There may be a part-time opportunity there that won't exactly pay a lot but might give me other advantages. Still, I'm not sure if I it's the right move for me. I've basically sworn off teaching after the whole Angleton ISD debacle. But I did enjoy working with the kids, and this is a chance to do that without most of the red tape.

Plus it would still allow me to be freelance... the goal of goals.

The freelance work seems to be picking up. I'm still hoping to get a couple of book deals and leave schlepping along behind forever. But over all I like the direction I'm headed.

Here's to a life full of opportunities.

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