I'm getting a little bogged down with all the blogs.

Yeah, I hate admitting that. But the truth is that I'm starting to get more freelance work and it's taking a toll on my writing time. I'm finding that in order to have the time to write something OTHER than a blog I'm having to ditch out on some of my committments. This blog has obviously suffered, which is a shame. And even my column on ViewOnline gets left out sometimes. The NewlyWed blog gets updated every day but the Making Movies blog is getting behind.

I'm just running out of time...unless I want to start putting in late hours just to keep blogs up. Which I don't.

So what's a fella to do? I love writing this stuff but time is getting away from me. Especially now that I'm getting some "steady" work from Indie Slate.

Well, no use whining about it! I'll just have to cull out some of it.

I'm thinking of letting someone else take over Making Movies. I just don't have time for it anymore. It's kind of a "labor intensive" blog because it requires me having to find new and interesting things to say about the world of video. I have tons of things to write about, but no one's really responding to any of my entries. They're more interested in YouTube and stuff like that... and frankly that's not my bag. I'm about the "professional" aspects of movie making, and I don't think anyone really cares about that. At least, not from the Chron readership.

I was thinking of starting a blog about Photoshop... or more likely about graphic design with Photoshop being the primary tool I talk about. Rather than add ONE MORE blog to the list, though, I thought I might pitch it to Dwight as a replacement for Making Movies. Let someone else take that blog over. Then again, maybe I'll just drop out of Making Movies, ask if I can keep writing a "life" blog for the Chron after NewlyWed, and clip my writing load down to ViewPoint, this blog, NewlyWed and the graphic design one I have in mind.

Of course that means I'm STILL writing the same number of blogs. Sheesh.

Free work sucks.

But what I'm hoping is that I can use these blogs to get paid work. It's happened a couple of times already. They give me clips for my portfolio, at least.

Blogs as a way into the industry. There's an article waiting to be written. By ME, no doubt!

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