Work is starting to pick up at an alarming pace. Just today I have six hefty things on my schedule, all with deadlines like "today" or "one hour from now." So, of course, I'm taking some time to update my blog.


Just this week I managed to convince one of my old clients to bring a major project back online. I can't really give any details at this point, but it's quite a coup. It's the sort of break in the ice I needed. With the list of clients growing and a major project bubbling to the surface I might finally be able to start making something that resembles a "living" once again.


I just learned that Arrested Development is online. If you've never seen the show you should give it a shot... one of the best written comedies to hit the small screen. MSN is putting episodes up a few at a time, along with some of the DVD extras. The episodes each have a couple of small advertisements in them but it's nothing like the deluge of commercials you'll get on TV. Worth a look!


For those who just keep scratchin' their noodles wondering, "What the heck do I get Kevin for Christmas," Orson Scott Card has a new hardcover on the shelves. "Empire" looks to be a pretty decent read and for once I haven't rushed right out to buy it. Too close to Christmas. So it's fair game for anyone if they'd like to win my favor!

Also on the list... Kevin needs a 12" notebook computer. Something small enough to throw in the ol' camera bag but powerful enough to handle Photoshop and maybe a little video editing on the side. Now THAT is the way to make me like you more. Honest.

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