Everyone gets "honey do's," but I bet not everyone gets "honey IT requests."

My wife is revamping her business to go from "virtual assistant to interior designers" to "interior designer." It's a dream she's had for a while and she feels ready to tackle it. Kudos! The bad news for me is that, as her built-in graphic and web designer, copywriter and IT guy my workload just mega-gupled (a word I'm going to trademark right here and now). Megagupled™.

I'm not good at stretching projects out over long periods of time ... I have a "slam it all at once" work philosophy. This time around, though, I think I'll take the "piece at a time" approach.

In other news, today the Art Festival is going on around Memorial. We haven't decided if we're going to that or going to Kemah. Toss up. Kemah is nice and relaxing with a pinch of goofy tourists to gawk at, but the Art Festival is a fine showcase for the freaky side of H-town — a wealth of blogging and photo ops


Either way, I look forward to the opportunity to ridicule strangers.

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