Ok, so the verdict was Kemah. After dropping in to Kevin Daycare™ (aka Barnes & Noble) for a bit, Kara and I hot-trotted down to the coast for a little boardwalk and people watching. It wasn't bad ... if a bit balmy (and not the crazy kind like Jenny talks about). We sipped our over-priced Starbucks coffee-based drinks and enjoyed the sounds of children screaming in fear as they were forced onto the ferris wheel.

So good day.

How did YOUR weekend go? Yeah ... you. Interweb technology has advanced to the point where I can see your cheese-puff eatin' mug and point directly at the blemish on your nose. Fill me in, will ya?

p.s. Want some motivation? Check out today's Mental Floss on "eustress." Yes ... it's a real word. Like "trouser monkey" or "pants weasel." Sheesh.

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