You made it!

I don't mean that to sound like an accomplishment or anything. More of a welcome. As if you just stumbled drunkenly into my house-warming party after a night of binge drinking so you'd have the courage to tell me how you REALLY feel. Kudos.

And for gate crashers -- rockin. Keep the hits and click-thrus comin'.

So, as advertised on Mental Floss, these are the new digs! What do you think? I was going for somewhere above "plain" but far below "cluttered." I think I've arrived at a nice, happy medium.

Here's the deal I've struck with myself (and my readers on the Houston Chronicle website): this blog is going to be about my life and how perfectly awesome I think it is. Occasionally something non-Kevin will creep in. I will promptly swat it with a broom and sweep it out the door, only to have it track back in at a later date and ruin Grandma's 90th birthday party.

But until then, feel free to read, comment, schmooze and even slander. The forum is yours! I won't be "moderating" anything. Unless you're trying to sell me a male enhancement drug. Then I'll be contacting you in private.

Oh, one more thing ... you may be looking down the page (or the column on the right) and noticing that I have a bunch of existing entries. "What's this?" you ask yourself. "Am I going crazy?" No, sir (or madam), you are not. Your are quite sane. However, the rest of the world is quite INsane and trying to steal your magic bag.

Also, I've re-purposed my old personal blog and made it part of this one. The entries may be lame, self-indulgent, boring and/or incriminating. But possibly worth a read. Notice that they lack comments. I certainly did.

So, for those who know me from Mental Floss, and who want to continue reading "The Boring Adventures of Kevin," you can start from this entry forward. For those who might want to snicker, laugh and harass me for my misuse of "it's" and other gems, feel free to read down the list. But be aware that some of the links aren't going to work anymore. Sorry.

Once again ... everything below this line is old. Everything above is new. Enjoy!
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