I must confess ... I am a total publicity whore.

It's true. I will pimp myself at every given opportunity. But that's not enough for me. No! It's barely scratching the surface. Now I wish to recruit you, faithful reader, to pimp me as well. And you can do so by purchasing one of these:

You should know that every time you buy one of these shirts you get into heaven ... no questions asked. Also, a puppy is freed from a potentially awful suicide bomber situation.

Please save the puppy.

There's at least one more shirt style in the shop, but this one has a special place in my heart. Wear the Mutant Snail. BE the Mutant Snail.

Mutant Snail loves you.

Depending on how these do, I'm thinking of offering a T-shirt for every one of those quirky banners that are rotating up top. If you're interested in a particular shirt, let me know. I'll work something out for ya.

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