I had quite an adventure this morning. Actually, it started last night.

The Texas Motion Picture Alliance had a big shindig at VT2 last night and I decided it would be a good idea to linger, drink a lot and shake hands with hundreds of strangers. Good times.

I got home around 11:30p.m., had a little conversation with my wife (I was half awake for it), and then dutifully set my alarm clock to wake me up this morning. I was generous, and gave myself an extra hour. All was well with my world.

I was woken by my cat, Mia, who was pouncing and freaking out on me. She wouldn't leave me alone. I looked up to see that it was 4a.m. and thought, "Wow ... I actually feel pretty rested. I could get up now! Just think how I'll feel when I get up in two hours!"

I promptly went back to sleep.

An hour later Kara's alarm goes off. I look up to see that it's five a.m. on my clock. "Wow ... Kara's getting up early. Must have something important to do this morn..."

Something was wrong. Daylight was coming in around the window screen. I looked over and Kara's clock said 7:15a.m.


The next 10 minutes were a flurry of me getting showered and dressed and on the road. Somewhere in there I managed to get online and take care of something I had put off last night. And by the time it was all said and done I STILL managed to get to work on time (and before some people).

My life is phenomenal.

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