Kara is going in for surgery today.

It's an out-patient thing, and nothing inherently life-threatening. It's more of a "quality of life" kind of procedure. But the final result is that it will effectively end our chances of being "natural" parents.

We've come to grips with that. For a while now, we've discussed adoption, and we've come to think of that as not only an option but a calling for us. After taking a good look around, we've noticed that there are plenty of kids out there who are living in a screwed up world, with few options open to them. So we think it might just be one of our purposes in life to make sure a kid or two has a good home that they wouldn't otherwise have had.

It doesn't make things easier, per se. But it does make us feel better about it.

Anyway, I'd appreciate prayers, well-wishes, and any other form of positive energy you guys could send our way today. Kara appreciates it, believe me. And so do I.

Kara is home and doing fine! She's hurting a little and she's still a bit groggy and nauseated from the pain killers, but otherwise she pulled through great. Thanks a lot for your prayers and well-wishes!

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