In my other blog this morning I wrote a little more about my recent move and the silver lining that came with the theft of my iPod. Check it out. I'll wait.

Still waiting. Did you think you could fool me with the ol' "read on" trick?

Ok, thanks. For the three people who read it, I have to point out that I really do believe in this "silver lining" thing. I think that the way we think about our lives determines how smoothly things go for us. And if we can just be a little patient and positive then we can figure out a way to turn any situation into a good for us.

True confession ... I'm a believer in the "law of attraction." Kind of a closet believer, I suppose. I think it's a very real principle, and it works (it got us into the house we liked despite the fact that someone had rented it and paid a non-refundable deposit for it). I sometimes have a little troulbe admitting that I'm a believer, but I'm slowly getting over that.

So consider this my public confession.

If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, think "The Secret." Though I was exposed to the law of attraction much earlier. And I can sum up how I think about it like this:

Your thoughts and beliefs have an effect on the universe around you.

Easy, huh? So, if I linger on negative things, negative things start to happen. If I linger on positive things, awesome things happen in spades. You can see why this would be appealing.
Now, I'm not typically a "true believer." I don't buy into things very easily. I came to my belief in the law of attraction honestly. I originally encountered it while reading about quantum physics, and my interest was peaked. So no, I didn't watch "The Secret" and become one of the converted. But I do appreciate what the film and the book have done.

Anyway, all that to say this ... I'd love to discuss the law of attraction and its pluses and minuses. I know that some people in my life (Bob, mostly) will have some pretty pointed things to say (usually jokes, which I can take). But honestly, I've seen this stuff work. I have all the empirical evidence I need to convince one person ... me. I'd love to hear from everyone else, though. I'd rather not see a trail of flame peel across here, but I do understand if there are folks out there that just don't buy this "hocus pocus." I'm curious as to why someone would refuse to believe this stuff works, actually.

So let's talk.

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