I'm a pretty tech-savvy guy, so sometimes it surprises people when I say things like, "I don't really use Facebook," or "I don't Twitter."

It's not a lack of understanding ... it's a lack of desire. I just don't want to dedicate any of my precious, precious time to following any more of these hip tech trends. Call me hopelessly tech lame.

That said, I'm going to admit that I've never really been a podcast person.

Until recently.

The thing is, I just never cared. I tried to get into a couple of podcasts over the years, with the result being something like, "WTF?" Maybe I'm spoiled by having worked in radio and television all these years. Production values can make or break something with me. But who knows, really.

Maybe it was just the subject matter.

Recently, though, I've found a few podcasts that make it all worth it. I've discovered gems like "This American Life," which I couldn't normally listen too because of my schedule. I've also discovered that most of the TV and radio programs I love have podcasts, and some of them are actually GOOD.

Ok, so that's my way in. That's my gateway drug of choice. A smattering of some really good podcasts, followed by the occasional dip into "you'll have to forgive me, I have no budget" land. And there you go. Before you know it, I have my 160GB iPod brimming with video and audio podcasts over every topic that ever interested me.

So I'm on the hunt. And I want to know ... what are YOU'RE favorite podcasts? Send me lists or links, and I'll give 'em a shot. I may even come to love 'em.

And one more thing ... if I started my own podcast, would anyone care to listen? It'd be a once-a-week thing, but knowing me it would have some sparkling production value.

Let me know!

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