On my other blog I've admitted to a personal prejudice. I can't stand people who don't laugh. Specifically, I expect people to laugh at the things I say consistently and with real mirth, yo.

I thought I'd continue the theme here by listing some of the things I find hysterical:
  • Arrested Development - Dope. Buster, Job and Tobias are pants-peeing worthy.
  • Prayer Hour with Pastor Shepherd - It speaks to me. And also to sinful, hateful people like you. And ghetto people. I'm not making this up.
  • Jack Handey - Deep thoughts. Deep, deep thoughts. And stories of uncles who are actually bears. Vomit-inducing humor.
  • The Office - Yes, we all work there. Also, we all secretly taste the hand sanitizer.
  • The phrase "Pants weasel" - Use it. Love it. Make it a part of you.
  • The Onion - Because who doesn't love the Onion?
  • Mitch Hedberg - Funniest dead guy ever. Wait ... that's both sad and crass. Funniest guy who died ever.
These, along with rainbows and kittens, are just a few of my favorite things. What are some of yours? I'm talkin' gut busters here. I'm looking for new avenues of entertainment, people! Fill me in.

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