Sorry about the brief stagnation.

Last night, Kara and I were given free tickets to see "Man on Wire" at the River Oaks theater. We haven't had many opportunities to get out lately, so even though this was last minute we were kind of looking forward to it.

The show was at 7:30 p.m., and at 7 p.m. we found ourselves in a Jack in the Box restaraunt nearby scratching up what would pass for dinner. It took a little longer than expected.

"We're late," Kara said. "These tickets are first come, first serve."

I scoffed. "It's a Monday night showing for a film I've never heard of. I don't think we'll have any trouble finding seats."

It took us half an hour just to find a place to park. When we drove by the theater there was a line almost to Starbucks.

"That can't be for our movie," I said.

It was.

We ended up entering the theater just as the film started, and we stood in the back for five or ten minutes trying to spot two seats anywhere in the room. This proved fruitless.

"What do you want to do?" Kara asked.

We decided to leave.

Kind of a shame, too. From the five minutes or so that we actually saw it looked like a pretty interesting film. But alas, subtitled French films weren't on our menu for the evening.

Who knew? It blew my mind that the River Oaks theater could draw that kind of crowd so early in the week. My experience with the area is limited mostly to mornings and mid-day, and largely in the range of one or the other of the two Starbucks that are directly across the street from one another. There's always ample parking at that time of day, and no one is anywhere near the theater. So yeah, it was kind of a shock to me to discover that life does indeed happen when I'm not around.

We settled on dessert at the little bistro/cafe just down the walkway. Pistachio chocolate ice cream, served with a smile. We sat and talked about all the little domestic things husbands and wives talk about, and then we went home and watched the Olympics.

All-in-all a good night.

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