"Dive driving," by the way, is my affectionate new term for scouring curbsides, looking for cool junk.

On the menu for this morning, I found a hand truck that was missing all four wheels. It's also missing the two mounts for the main wheels, which were originally welded in place. I believe I can effect repairs with items I call "screws" and "casters."

Also on the same pile, a set of rusty bolt cutters that had snapped in a strange and inoportune place. I'm not certain if I can repair them, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I can always scrap them if they don't work out.

Items I passed up (surprisinglingy) include several light kits for ceiling fans. You'd think I'd want these for the two fans I found a couple of weeks ago, but as it turns out I have no need for them. And they would also involve taking the fans down and rewiring so I'd have power for the lights. An unattractive idea.

Anyway, that's the report for today. I'll let you know if these items become "cool and nifty" at any point.

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