So my car flooded.

It is now 4:12 p.m. and my floorboards are still full of water. I'm waiting on Enterprise to bring me a rental car, and the insurance folks will be here to take my car (and Kara's, the other car in this photo) in to be judged within the "next 24 hours."

It's going to cost me $200 in deductibles to have the insurance deal with the problem. Meanwhile, I spent all day working from home and waiting on someone to show up and take my car away.

Interesting day.

Oh, and I almost forgot, "Swine flu." There, I'm now part of the masses.

One interesting side note to the car flooding story ... Kara has been going crazy looking for this "Improve Your Vocabulary" book that she was reading. It had coupons for DSW in it. I'm not clear on what her actual motivation was.

Anyway, we've torn apart the vehicle she's currently driving, my car, the house ... any place where she might have left that book. Turns out it was (you guessed it) in her Malibu, which has been parked on the street with a "for sale" sign in the window for the past month or two.

And, you won't be surprised to learn, the book was completely soaked. I've managed to rescue the DSW coupons, so maybe it won't be a total loss.

Did I just write that?

Anyway, we'll see how this drama unfolds. Hopefully I get a rental car soon, so I'm not stuck hitching rides everywhere. But really, things could have been a lot worse.

Anyone else have any flood stories to share?

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