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If you have a blog or a Facebook/Twitter following and you're looking for something good to read, hit me up. I actively trying to spread the word about this series while I finish the third book, and I'm happy to fling free copies your way for a spot of promotion!

Get your hands on Citadel!

Here's an interesting fact ...

I realized a while back that I love doing all of this. I love writing and crafting these books, I love getting it from brain to page in the most attractive way possible. And if I could sell millions of them, I'd love that, too. But it occurred to me that I'm far more interested in getting these books in front of people who will enjoy reading them for the pure fun of it. If you've already read the books (even the first editions that were absolutely crammed with typos and glitches), thank you! You're the biggest reason I've kept on keeping on. 

If you haven't read them, I hope you will (the second editions are available and lookin' great!). I believe a great deal in these stories, and in these characters. Especially the characters. I believe this story could have taken place in almost any setting, and that these characters, minus their sci-fi elements, could have appeared in any type of story and been just as engaging and interesting. Put Somar and Thomas and Mitch in Downton Abbey and give them British accents and you might give the Dowager Countess of Grantham a stroke, but you'd have one hell of a good story. 

In the end, what I write about is people, and the setting is just costume and scenery. 

So if you're looking for fun, character-driven fiction, even if you're not a fan of "science fiction," I encourage you to give this series a try. A lot of my readers have informed me that they usually don't to read scifi, but loved the books anyway. There's a lovely woman in her 80s living in Colorado who is just about ready to skin me if I don't get her the completion of the series.

So that's my plea and my pitch. If you can afford a copy, I'd love for you to buy it. I do have the goal of making a living from this work. But if you can't afford it, talk to me and we'll work something out, because it's just as important to me that people read and love my work, even if if I never make a dime from it.

I ask only this: If you do love them, spread the word! Tell friends and family, give out loaner copies or gifts, tells strangers about it while you're in the doctor's office (leave a copy in the reception area!). There is no marketing campaign I can contrive that is better than the word of someone who loved the work. 

And thank you!

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