Now available!

Now available!

I know you're waiting for "Citadel: Children of Light." I know you've been very, very patient. And I am totally delivering on that (check my progress ... see!). In the meantime, I'm breaking up writing sessions by turning a lot of my back catalog into ebooks, because MORE TO READ, that's why.

 Today, I'm thrilled to announce a new Happy Pants Books "Short Pants" (synonyms such as Kindle Single and Novella may apply) has hit digital bookshelves. Teresa's Monster is packaged and ready for you to download and enjoy! 

From the "back cover" —

Teresa thought that being diagnosed with cancer was the worst thing that could happen to her. But as she comes to grips with the inevitable, she starts to see horrible, vicious little monsters feasting on the people around her. They cling to necks, nibble at flesh, burrow into bellies and brains, and are completely invisible to their hosts. 

What are these creatures? And are they the cause of illness and disease, or are they just preying on the weak? 

Teresa is the only one who can see them, so she may be the only one who can fight them. Lucky for her, she has nothing to lose.

How do ya like 'dem apples!

This is another short, quick, fun book, and I think you'll dig it. Get on Amazon Kindle or any other platform now, and let me know what you think.

Now, pardon me ... I have more lightrail- and Esool-related writing to get back to!

(p.s. Expect more "Short Pants" in the near future!)

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