Available now!

Available now!

This is kind of fun. 

Again, I'm going through my back catalog of books and short fiction, polishing some things up, putting nifty covers on them, and releasing them as ebooks. This is a great way to put some of my older work out there for people to see, even some of the stories that have been published previously in various magazines and anthologies. 

These shorter books are easy and fun reads. And the latest one is the shortest of all.

Two Blocks East

"Two blocks East." Sometimes direction comes when you least expect it. 

"Two blocks East." When his beard suddenly started speaking, he felt he had no choice but to do what it said. 

Two blocks east and his life changed forever. 

This "Short Pants" story from Happy Pants Books is a quick and moving tale of a man getting a second chance that was as plain as the beard on his face.

Available on Kindle, Nook, Apple iBooks, and any other format you like for only 99-cents! Check it out on my Books page, or get it for Kindle at http://amzn.to/1gg99Oo

I really hope you enjoy this story. It's one Kara's favorites, and one of mine as well. It's incredibly short, maybe the shortest I've ever written. It might take all of 10 minutes to read, honestly. So more of a flash fiction than anything. But for 99 cents, quite a bargain. Enjoy!


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