I admit, I love my own work. And it makes me laugh. Here's one scene in particular that cracks me up to this day!

“Got a puppy in there?” I asked, nodding to his bag. “Maybe a Pallump puppy?”

He looked at the bag and scowled. “No. And Pallumps have kids, not puppies. That’s not a kid or a puppy, though.” He leaned toward his bag and, speaking to it more than to me, said, “It’s a ridiculous annoyance that doesn’t follow orders, ‘Lay there and don’t move. Half an hour, that’s all I ask.’ Might as well have asked it for the secret to Michael Bay’s success, for all that’s worth.”

“You know Michael Bay?” I asked.

“Scourge of the Omniverse? Destroyer of childhood dreams? Oh yes. Everyone knows and despises Michael Bay.”

I nodded. “Transformers.”


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