Ready for another tangle?

I hope so, because it won't be long before Sawyer Jackson and the Shadow Strait hits shelves. And I want one of those shelves to be yours!

No release date as yet, but the story has enough shape and strong enough bones that I can give you this sneak peek of the cover! Go, gander, gush over its gorgeousness. 

This is Book 2 of Sawyer Jackson—if you haven't read Book 1, don't fret! You can get your hands on a copy of Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land on Amazon, and subscribers to Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited get it free!

Check out my Books page to see a complete list of my work. And be sure to drop me a line and ask me anything about my books—or just say hello! It brightens my day, and makes me feel like a real boy. 

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