I've been waiting for this! 

As of today, Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land is available for the very first time in PAPERBACK! And if you're an Amazon Prime member, it has the very nifty-cool price of $12.34. It's like an obsessive-compulsives dream come true! And it's YOUR chance to get a little something extra. Details in just a second.

Fabulous uses for your new paperback book:

  • Makes a fantastic paperweight!
  • Something for the author to sign!
  • Handy for fending off would-be muggers!
  • Finally gives you something to put on that little rack that used to have a collector's plate before your husband broke it playing NERF darts in the house, for which he is totally sorry and will one day make it up to you!

All these uses, and more, for the low price of $12.34. That's a deal you can bank on!

Take a photo, win a prize!

Get your hands on a copy today. And if you take a photo of yourself with the book in hand, I'll send you a free ebook of your choice! Contact me for details. And the funnier the photo, the more I'll like you.

Oh, who am I kidding? I like ya plenty, ya big lug. 

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