John Scalzi proved to be as elusive as a yeti when it came to getting a decent photo.

John Scalzi proved to be as elusive as a yeti when it came to getting a decent photo.

So last night I was hanging out with John Scalzi ...

Ok, hanging out might be a little strong. I was at his first stop on a book signing tour for for Lock In. So there was much reading, and much signing, and everyone rejoiced. 

A little collab with Nick Thacker

In even more authory news, this past week I started collaborating with author and fellow marketing smartypants Nick Thacker, on a serialized story called "The Lucid!" Although the exclamation point won't be in the title. It's going to be much more emo-sounding. 

I'll have more details (and a landing page) for Lucid soon, but in the meantime, go check out Nick's site and give him some love. He's needy, and his heart is three sizes too small.

Don't forget to pick up one of Nick's books, by the way! I'm reading The Golden Crystal right now, and it's fan-freaking-tastic. Like a "National Treasure" meets "The Da Vinci Code." You'll dig it, I swear. DIG UPON IT.

Content Marketing Podcast with Rachel Parker

This friday I'm doing a guest spot with Rachel Parker on her Content Marketing Podcast! It'll air the following week (9/5/14). This is to promote my new author coaching service, which you may (or may not) have noticed starting to trickle its way onto the site!

That would be Scalzi photobombing us. 

That would be Scalzi photobombing us. 

Author Coaching

If you happen to want to be an author, and to learn all the ins and outs of building an author business, you should definitely tune in. You should also click over to my landing page and book me for a session!   I can help walk you through everything you need to know to develop a writing discipline, start producing and publishing books, and even start marketing those books using an author platform. You can always ping me for more details!

Phew! I THINK that's everything! 

Wait ... Sawyer Jackson!

I'm sitting right at the edge of having Book 2 finished, and ready to start edits. Looking at a late September/Early October release!

Totally can't wait for that book to hit shelves. I think it's fantastic, and it moves Sawyer's story into some interesting new places.

If you haven't read the first Sawyer Jackson, you can still get your hands on it at Amazon! Now available in both print and Kindle editions. Sweeeeet.

And, last but not least, here's this week's video blog. Enjoy!

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