You look like somebody in need of something to look forward to. A fast-paced thriller about big-brother oppression and the suppression of free will through tampering with the water supply, perhaps? Yeah ... you got that look about you.

That's why YOU should preorder The Lucid today! 

Nick Thacker and I are hard at work in our billion-dollar mansions, typing away on our MacBooks made from unicorn bones and leprechaun teeth, preparing a serialized story that will knock your socks off. Give us money.

But mostly, get in early on the fun! This promises to be a great series, full of twists and turns on a Dan Brown level, with a nice post-apocalyptic flavor! Described as "The Walking Dead" meets "Revolutions," it's the feel-good apocalypse of the year.

Preorder now and get it on your Kindle in November!

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