I made one joke, more than five years ago, about "pants" being an inherently funny word, and now "being pantsless" is the most memorable part of my brand. Now that is funny. 

It think it just resonates with people. It means something, even if they aren't sure what. It's this vulnerable moment in everyone's life, when you're standing (or sitting) with your pants around your ankles. And you can either continue to be vulnerable, get humiliated and embarrassed, or you can own it, and let it empower you. I went with the latter, and it became the strongest part of my brand.

I've even built a platform around "pants-free living and career." So now the joke is helping me make a living. And that is really funny.

What is it you're avoiding when it comes to "being known?" And how can you own it and leverage it to make it an asset rather than a roadblock to your success?

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