This week, Kara and I hung out in Ontario, Canada. Kara was here on a business trip, and I got to play tagalong. So for the past week I've found little out-of-the-way coffee shops and cafes and any place that had free wifi and access to coffee, honestly. It's been a good week.

This is my first trip to Canada, and it was a lot different than I had expected. It was so familiar, for starters. Driving around the Toronto area isn't all that different than driving around the Houston area. I felt right at home, despite being in a different country.

I also produced a lot of work over this past week, so as far as our evolving travel lifestyle goes, this was a big success. We enjoyed ourselves, but also got work done. That's a win all around!

Here's a look at this past week:

Where I showed up when you weren't looking

This week I had another appearance on the Author Hangout Podcast, this time in the form of a snippet from my previous interview! If you're interested in being an indie author, you'll want to tune in to this episode to hear some great advice from me and some other successful authors. 



WPC-071 - The Empire of Simon Whistler

There's a saying that goes "If you want to really learn something, teach it." Simon Whistler knows that truism first hand, as his Rocking Self Publishing Podcast has helped thousands of budding authors learn the biz right alongside Simon himself. But his entrepreneurial growth doesn't stop there. Simon is on to conquering book narration and YouTube, just as a start. This episode of the Wordslinger Podcast dives into the growing empire of Simon Whistler.

SPA 55: Improvisation and Revising for Writers

Today the guys discuss the rules of improve, as they apply to writers. Comedy improvisation rules are things like, "never say 'no,'" "yes/and," etc. But while these "rules" are helpful and can lead to really funny improvised comedy, it can also be a detriment to your story arcs.

CWC Ep22: Making it in Screenwriting, with Martin Kunert

Martin Kunert is a screenwriter who has written for both film and television. His credits include Fear (a TV show he started), Renegade Force, and more.

Martin talks about how he got his start, his advice for getting established today (which follows the common advice of going TV when starting out). TV, while it’s still growing, has the advantage of being much more writer-friendly.

He also talks about approaching other writers’ work to direct, writing on spec, and more!


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