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Pants under there. It's personal.

UPDATE—I've moved tons of back content now. So this post is the official "first" post, but you can enjoy all the past wholesome goodness by digging through archived links. DO SO.

It's just me in here.

I write a lot. It's a thing I do. And the books and blogs you find on this site are all the result of that writing a lot. You're welcome.

I have two blogs on this site at the moment. The first is Intended Life, which is where I write about what I learn daily as a Christian, about leading and living the life God intended for us, and getting more out of life in the process. That's me being grateful for the gifts God has given me. I love that blog. And it evolved out of my "everything" blog, almost with no planning on my part. So some of the older entries would probably be better here (I'll work on moving those).

The second blog is Life is Marketing. This is more about using marketing and business strategy to improve your life and your career. In this spot I drop interviews, tips and tricks, books, podcasts, and a bunch of other stuff that has helped me and so I believe it can help you. It's kind of new (sort of ... again, there's content in the old "everything" blog that I should move over).

And then there's me.

I'm not left out in the cold or anything. I quip and joke on Facebook and get some serious kudos and feedback, but I'm not as "discoverable" there, and so I'm not entirely meeting one of my goals. I want my work to educate, but I also want it to entertain. So here we are. Just me and you, with barely some pixels between us. Rowrr.

I'm probably crazy for taking on one more blog, but I can't help myself. I need an outlet for the stuff that's in my brain, and this is it. I've tried doing the "One blog to rule them all" thing, putting everything in one place and hoping readers love all of it. But that doesn't work. Everyone who does blogging successfully knows that doesn't work. So I'm breaking up the band. Or, actually, I'm breaking up the content. 

Go to those blogs for inspiration, spirituality, career and business advice, and the more practical stuff. Stick it out here for the funny, the absurd, the bizarre, the uncomfortably personal.

I can't wait to see how it all turns out, can you? Hello? Is this thing on? I swear, it's like writing to myself most of the time.

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