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Eulogy for 10 Pages

Today I wrote a very satisfying 10 pages. They were, perhaps, the GREATEST 10 PAGES EVER WRITTEN BY MAN. I say this in all humility.

These were wonderful pages. They expressed previously never-before-expressed thoughts that had the power to blow the minds of men and women alike. Children would weep for joy. The dead would be raised. A new epoch of prosperity would begin on this big ol' mud ball we call Earth.

And then, somehow, my beautiful 10 pages were gone, thanks to a foolish move on my part, and the fact that, apparently, Documents to Go doesn't auto save. Or maybe it does but I somehow glitched it. We can never be certain.

So this entry is for you, glorious 10 Pages. You touched my heart during your brief time on this world. I still remember all of those vowels. And, oh! Remember that little typo? You know the one. Wow, that would have been embarrassing if it ever went to print! Such cheeky times we had, 10 Pages. Wonderful, love-filled, strangely erotic cheeky times.

10 Pages, I feel like a better man for having known you. And it makes me sad that you will never get your chance to shine to an adoring public. To you I say farewell. May we meet again, out there in the ether, in the writing afterlife.

Cue "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes. Aaaaaand ... scene.

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