Text from my wife: So I just had a bra fitting ... I am apparently a DD! Congrats baby :)

The only way I could get her to agree to let me post this was if I made a public service announcement. October, it seems, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So get your boobs checked!

Ladies, that includes you.

And another thing ... apparently a large percentage of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size. Who knew? Not me, I swear.

So in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month there are apparently places all over the city that are offering free bra fittings. Kara, hip and knowledgeable boob bearer that she is, has enlightened me that this is good for your health, your self-concept, and your ego.

So, on behalf of heterosexual males everywhere, I say go forth and have yourself fondled. Let's keep boobs from becoming an endangered species.

Speaking of boobs ... here's a picture of me from the '80s. Enjoy.

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